Realtors/Resale Packages


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Resale Information

Resale Package may be ordered by Seller or Realtor at The price starts at $160.00 and increases from there according to delivery method and other options requested. Resale Packages do NOT include a Demand Statement.

Title/Escrow Company staff may order the Statement of Demand for $150.00 - this discloses the current status of account balance and advises the New Account Set-Up fee (formerly known as Transfer Fee) is $200.00 for sale.

  • A Demand may be updated within 30 days at no charge.

  • A Demand may be updated between 31 and 90 days at a cost of $50.00

  • (If a demand is older than 90 days, then a new demand would need to be ordered at the $150.00 price)

  • Open House signage–Open House signs are permitted only on the day of the open house event and may be posted only in the front yard of the open house. Signs may not be posted anywhere on the Common Element grounds, streets, medians, streetscapes or walls.

    Signs found on the Common Elements will be removed and disposed of. All signs must be constructed of weather resistant material and must not exceed 18 x 24 in size.

    Realty signage
    – A maximum of one (1) temporary realty sign advertising a home for sale or rent may be located on the front yard of the Lot on a pole that is no higher than five (5) feet, or in a window of the residence.

    All signs must be professionally constructed of weather resistant material. The size of all signs must not exceed 18 x 24. Sold signs may be displayed only for thirty (30) days after the sale.

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