Pay Your Assessment

Here is everything* you want to know about your PMHA Assessment obligation:  

What do I have to pay?
Every Homeowner in Providence must pay Assessments, determined annually by the Operating Budget. PMHA Assessments are due on Jan. 1st, Apr. 1st, Jul. 1st, and Oct. 1st of each year.

All* Providence owners pay $180.00/quarter *Except Easton Place owners pay $213.00/Qtr. and Oxford Commons owners pay $285.00/Qtr. Plus, all Providence owners (except Easton Place and Oxford Commons) pay monthly to your Sub-Association.  

Why do I have to pay?
Assessments fund the Association’s ongoing costs of operating the daily business of the Association for Board policy and Covenant enforcement, maintenance and preservation of common areas and amenities such as the community parks, providing community patrol services, hosting meetings and events.

Make checks payable to:
Providence Master HOA

Remit payment to:
PMHA c/o CCMC Western Region
PO Box 105260
Atlanta, GA 30348-5260


AUTO- PAY (DIRECT DEBIT)               Online Payments (Union Bank)

2020 Annual Budgets:  PMHA    Easton Place   Oxford Commons

Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy

To request your account number, balance or any other information please contact us
P: 866.244.2262 or 702.216.2020
E:  [email protected]

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