From the Board of Directors
Courtesy Patrol Survey:
The Board of Directors is seeking feedback from homeowners regarding courtesy patrol in the community. The survey is meant to help determine the level of homeowner interest in re-instating courtesy patrol and the scope of work desired by the community. The deadline to take part in the Courtesy Patrol Survey is Monday, May 8th, by close of business (5:00 p.m.). Please contact us if you prefer to take the survey in paper form:
Board Meeting:
The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for May 10th, 6:00 pm at the Northern Terrace Clubhouse. 7610 Silver Run Peak Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89166. Great feedback has been received during the board meetings and we encourage everyone to attend. A link will be provided on the Board of Directors tab on May 10th to view the meeting live. However, there is no guarantee for the virtual option during the meeting due to any unforeseen technology issues. Please make sure to attend in person if you would like to participate in the homeowner open forum.
Spring Community-Wide Yard Sale:
Providence will be holding a community-wide yard sale on May 6th from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
Mark your calendars and get ready to sell, sell, sell!
Participation may vary: Please contact your Sub-Association to see if they will be participating by leaving community gates open for the duration of the sale.
2023 Budget:
Providence Master - The budget was approved by the Board with a reduction in the master association assessments to $150 per quarter, including a portion of the original funds for possible patrol service, increased park janitorial by 350%, and increased park repairs/maintenance by 27%. Please note that any funds listed on the budget will still need to be reviewed and approved by the Board before any projects or contracts are considered.
Oxford Commons - The Oxford Commons budget was approved with vacationing the first quarter’s assessments and keeping the current assessment rate at $105 per quarter.
Easton Place - The Easton Place budget was also approved with vacationing the first two quarters and keeping the current assessment rate at $33 per quarter.
Did your Automatic Payment not adjust to $150 in January?
If you have an automatic payment setup for your assessments and it still charged you $180 instead of the new lowered rate of $150, it's because,
  • You are enrolled in automatic payments through our third-party banking service, Pacific Western Bank. This means Pacific Western Bank needs to be notified of the new amount, it will not adjust automatically. Contact Pacific Western Bank Customer Service: at (888)705-0600 or log into your account online.
  • You are enrolled in a "Bill Pay" service through your personal banking services or a bill pay app. These would also have to be individually notified of any changes to your automatic payments.
All homeowners enrolled in our ACH program (automatic withdrawal offered directly from CCMC)
  • The assessment will adjust automatically, not just this time, but anytime the assessment changes in the future!
  • All assessments will be automatically withdrawn directly from your Checking or Savings account when the assessment is due
  • Your ACH plan is easily accessible in the Homeowner Account Portal where all your Providence Master account information is located
  • You can easily start or stop service with the click of a button!
Need help signing into your Homeowner Account Portal or signing up for ACH? Please let us know, we would be happy to help!
Providence Master Association Phone: (702)216-2020 Email:
Promenade Park Lighting:
The Board has approved for the bollard pathway lighting to be fixed in early 2022. The contractor has been told after, many months of parts being on backorder, that they are no longer producing the parts for the current bollards in place. The Board has approved the removal of 13 bollards, which have since been capped off. Bids for new pathway lighting are being reviewed and will considered at the March board meeting. Please report any new damage to the management team.
If you witness any vandalism or crime please call 911-emergency, 311-non emergency, or the City Marshall at (702)229-3223.
Volunteers Needed
The Design Review Committee is tasked to ensure that exterior home alterations within Providence Master adhere to the Association's Design Review Guidelines and expectations. Providence is looking for additional volunteers to join the Design Review Committee. Click here for the application if you are interested in volunteering.